Our Mission
Phone # : 541-326-0330      Email : customerservice@getthepicture.net

To our customers

We will respect you, your home and property while we work at your home. We will answer any question (about the work we are doing) that you may have to best of our ability. We think good customer service is the best path to long-term relationship with you. We would like to Thank You for letting us work for you.

To our enviroment

Get The Picture follow all hazardous waste laws and policies. We have a list of the recycling centers with phone numbers and addresses as a hand outs for our customers. The information is also available at this Web site. We will do our best to recycle as much a as possible.

To our employees

Get The Picture is a equal opportunity employer and works at providing a none hostile work environment. Get The Picture's goal is to provide fare pay and treatment to all who works with us. We will provide our employees the best equipment and training needed to do the work. Get The Picture seeks a long term employment with those who choose to work with us. Employee turn over is not good for us or our customer's.